Rumor: Todas as Zonas de Sonic Mania Reveladas

Um suposto funcionário da SEGA postou em um fórum varias informações sobre Sonic Mania revelando todas as suas zonas.  Se você tiver a fim de spoilers, clique aqui. Vale lembrar que isso é só um rumor, nada oficialmente confirmado porém há um certo histórico desses rumores serem na maioria verdade.

Sonic 1:
-Green Hill Zone
-Scrap Brain Zone

Sonic 2:
-Chemical Plant Zone
-Mystic Cave Zone
-Hidden Palace Zone

Sonic 3:
-Hydrocity Zone
-Ice Cap Zone

Sonic & Knuckles:
-Flying Battery Zone
-Lava Reef
-Sky Sanctuary

Sonic CD:
-Stardust Speedway

-Studiopolis Zone: Heavy Gunner

-Mirage Saloon Zone: Heavy Wrangler

-Sakura Synagogue Zone: This zone will be the zone where you face off with the Heavy Shinobi, and it will be an ancient Japanese garden filled with sakura flowers. The first act is a really pretty outdoors area, and at the end of the first zone you will reach the entrance to a Cathedral. The 2nd act will be inside of the cathedral, as seen in the leaked screen from the liscensing event from a couple months ago.

-Howling Fortress Zone: In this zone, you will face the Heavy Knight. This zone is a stormy medieval castle filled with lightning, jousting badniks, wrecking balls, and more. The first act will be inside of the castle, and the 2nd act will be exploring the top of the castle. The boss will absorb lightning with his ball and chain and then try to smash it on you, simultaneously emitting a shockwave. The end of the zone will be your character hopping onto a piece of the castle as it is collapsing, and it will take you straight into Lava Reef.

-Illusion Shore Zone: This zone is home to the Heavy Trickster. It is a beach zone with magic trick elements like things popping out of magical top hats, and trails of platforms made out of playing cards. The level will also feature a wakeboarding section. The boss will be able to cast spells on you. Mainly shrinking you so he is way bigger than you, though he can also cast spells on you to increase gravity and grabbing the platforms you are on and throwing them at you.

Fonte: Fireden

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